Chuck Kleinhans’s Syllabi

I just finished writing a remembrance of my dissertation adviser, Chuck Kleinhans, which may be published in a journal for which he served on the editorial board. In going over his life and achievements I came to realize that I was enrolled, as a first-year graduate student, in the first two courses he taught at Northwestern University:

  1. C80 Experimental Film
  2. D87-2 Contemporary Film Theory

These were offered in spring term 1977, after Paddy Whannel hired Chuck on a temporary basis. In fall 1977, they converted Chuck’s position to a tenure-track one and he served the Radio/TV/Film Department for 32 years–retiring in 2009 as an associate professor emeritus.

As I went through my Northwestern papers related to Chuck, I found that I still have the syllabi for those courses and so I scanned them to PDFs and present them here–perhaps the first time they have seen the light of day in 42 years! (Click the links below for the PDFs.)

  1. C80 Experimental Film Spring 1977
  2. D87-2 Contemporary Film Theory, Spring 1977