New Photography Project: The 1970s in Black & White

Jeremy Butler in 1970s Darkroom
Jeremy Butler in a 1970s Darkroom

In high school and college, I was an avid photographer; but I often could not afford to print all the images I wanted to. Consequently, I have a stack of almost 100 contact sheets containing hundreds of images that never saw the light of day. I recently embarked on a scanning marathon and digitized all of them.

So, what to do with all these black-and-white images from the 1970s? I decided to make an online gallery of them, titled The 1970s in Black & White—subtitled, Color Is for Rust Stains and Sea Anemones.

I figure, at least by the law of averages, that there should be some gems in among those hundreds of images. The site was just launched and, for now, will be slowly populated. If you’re interested, you can receive email updates on my progress.

Also, the photographs in The 1970s in Black & White are available for sale—as prints (framed and unframed) and various other merchandise (yoga mats!). My main goal is to get these images out into the world, and if a little income were to accrue from that process it would help to support my newly revived photography interest… obsession?



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