Television Style: Released 10 December 2009

Television Style was officially released 10 December 2009!

Television Style, front cover.
Television Style, front cover.

I’m pleased with how it looks and I hope readers will be, too. We chose an image from the Bettmann/CORBIS archive for the cover which we believe speaks to the notion of style and TV–albeit a stylized television set from 25 September 1952. According to CORBIS, the original caption reads:

“Designed to meet the ‘space-saving’ need for a handsome, fully equipped compact unit, F. B. Arthur presents the ‘Modernaire’ [!] television-AM-FM radio phonograph (3 speed) unit. Contrast of the cordovan finish on mahogany with light texture of perforated Masonite is set off by an accent of persimmon in the free form [!] speaker opening.”

Television Style contains nearly 200 illustrations, mostly taken from DVDs and video files of television programs. Although the paper stock is not coated, we were able to work some digital magic and the illustrations are quite respectable. Plus, we decided to bleed them into the margins, allowing us to reproduce them at a good, legible size. Of course, all of those illustrations are reproduced here–in color and enlarged from the book’s black-and-white images.

Now that Television Style has been released into the wild, we’re eager to hear readers’ thoughts about it. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and questions.

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