Soooooo 1990s

Old Homepage 01

My old homepage was beginning to look so 1990s–as you can readily tell from its splash screen (above). I used an rollover image and sliced up a clip-art computer. Pretty state of the art for its time (1998?). And it was pretty cute that, when rolled over, the image of me at the Alabama Public Radio microphone switched to me at the WBRU microphone, circa 1975.

Old Homepage 02

This splash screen linked to an image map (!) version of my resume. (Man, when was the last time I made an image map?)

Old Homepage 03: Image Map

I felt like I’d come a long way since my first Websites, when it was a major feat just to incorporate images. Heck, I can still link to my first attempt at inserting images into the text of a Webpage: The Postmodern America Tour, from 1994.
Nowadays, however, most of the sites I put together are built on the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)–driven by a database and laid out with CSS. So, I figured it was time to bring it into the 21st century. Hence this new site, built on WordPress.

Now, of course, WordPress is blogging software and I already run enough blogs. Don’t really need another. But WordPress is very flexible and allows you to have static pages (like the research page here) incorporated with dynamic blog posts (like this one). So this site is a non-blog, with occasional blog features.

Just don’t expect me to be dropping many pearls of wisdom here.